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The summer season is officially in full swing and the world of point-of-sale displays is buzzing with exciting new trends and innovative ideas. In this feature, we bring the heat as we delve into two hot trends that are shaping the industry this summer. Let’s explore the creatives that inspired us and how they can transform your displays and captivate your audience.

Make some waves with eco-friendly POS displays…

In the face of increasing concern about climate change, it’s no surprise that sustainability has gained significant traction in the fabrication industry. This summer, we expect to see a surge in displays crafted from recycled cardboard and other sustainable materials.

Not only do these displays offer a green alternative, but they showcase the versatility of mixed media usage. A prime example of this is the sustainable displays showcased in Selfridges, where vibrant illustrations come to life while maintaining sustainability, lightness, and practicality within a large department store setting. These eco-friendly displays, by illustrator Angela Kirkwood, not only show environmental consciousness but also make a visually striking impact!

A blooming trend in floral installations…

Another standout trend which has caught our eye this summer is the use of floral installations. This captivating floral display outside the Space NK Kings Road store paid homage to the iconic red rose from the 90’s cult classic film “American Beauty”, whilst celebrating the world class alternative floral art show, Chelsea in Bloom.

By incorporating floral elements into display, businesses can create a visually stunning and immersive experience for customers. The beauty and vibrancy of flowers and the grand scale of this fabulous display demands attention, making floral installations a hot choice for captivating the masses this season.

Stay ahead of the curve…

In addition to sustainability and floral displays, the summer of 2023 is all about creative interactive experiences. Brands are exploring novel ways to engage their customers and resonate with their audiences; the possibilities are endless when it comes to point-of-sale displays. As the summer unfolds, stay ahead of the curve and embrace the upcoming trends of the season to elevate your brand presence. By partnering with a trusted fabrication specialist like 3WD, you can bring your vision to life and create displays that are not only visually striking but also aligned with the latest trends and customer preferences.

Get ready to make this summer a season of memorable point-of-sale displays with 3WD. Explore our website to see some of our HOT case studies or follow us on LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook for more on the latest trends.


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