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3 Way Displays

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In the dynamic world of retail, creating a captivating shopping experience is key to attracting and retaining customers. One often overlooked but highly impactful aspect of this experience is the cash wrap display. 

Strategically positioned at the point of sale, cash wrap displays serve as the final touchpoint in a customer’s journey, making them a powerful tool for boosting sales and leaving a lasting impression. In this latest blog we explore their significance and how retailers can leverage them to enhance their overall success. 

  1. Lasting impressions: The cash wrap area is the final stop for customers before they leave the store. An aesthetically pleasing and well-curated display can leave a positive and lasting impression. This final touch can significantly impact how customers perceive the overall shopping experience and influence their likelihood to return.
  2. Impulse Purchases: Cash wrap displays are strategically placed to capture the attention of customers during the checkout process. By showcasing small, enticing items such as accessories, travel-sized products, or unique gadgets, retailers can capitalize on impulse purchases. These additional sales can contribute significantly to overall revenue.
  3. Brand reinforcement: The cash wrap area provides an excellent opportunity to reinforce the retailer’s brand identity. By incorporating brand colours, logos, and messaging into the display, retailers can create a cohesive and memorable brand experience. This not only fosters brand loyalty but also helps in brand recall when customers think about their shopping experience later.
  4. Seasonal promotions: Cash wrap displays are adaptable spaces that can be easily updated to reflect seasonal trends or promotions. Whether it’s Christmas-themed stocking fillers, back-to-school essentials, or summer must-haves, these displays allow retailers to showcase relevant products and create a sense of urgency for customers to make additional purchases.
  5. Making space efficiency: Retail space is precious, and cash wrap displays provide an opportunity to maximise the use of available space. Compact and strategically designed displays can hold a variety of products without taking up excessive floor space, making them a practical solution for retailers of all sizes.  

In the competitive landscape of retail, every touchpoint with the customer is an opportunity to make a positive impact. Cash wrap displays can play a crucial role in shaping the customer experience and driving additional sales.  

At 3WD our top tips to creating and installing cash wrap displays are to; keep it tidy, highlight your best sellers and rotate products regularly. By strategically designing and maintaining these displays, retailers can create a memorable and enticing final impression. 

Need help creating cash wrap displays for your brand? Contact 3WD today and we’ll help elevate your checkout experience.  


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