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3 Way Displays

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We take immense pride in our work as bespoke fabricators and strive to deliver top-notch point-of-sale displays that captivate and impress. But what sets us apart? 3WD are among the elite group of Perspex® Approved Fabricators and we wear this badge with honour.

Perspex Distribution is the UK’s leading distributor of Perspex cast acrylic and is known for its quality and innovation in the world of plastics. With approximately 72 approved fabricators across Great Britain & Ireland, being a part of this prestigious group is no small feat. We stand tall among the best, offering an unrivalled range of UK-manufactured products, backed by Perspex’s seal of approval!

“Perspex Distribution have enjoyed a close and successful relationship with 3 Way Displays for almost 20 years delivering mutual benefit.  As trusted manufacturers using our full range of materials, 3 Way Displays are long-standing recipients of our Approved Fabricator certification meaning they are one of a very small group of companies we recommend on our website for visitors seeking reliable fabricator partners.”

Why does this matter and what does it mean for our customers?

First and foremost, it signifies that we have gained Perspex’s trust to uphold their brands legacy of excellence. Perspex acrylic has been a leading name in plastics since 1934, and to this day, it is still manufactured in Lancashire. This means that we are working directly with the source and ensuring the highest quality materials for our clients’ and their projects.

Being a ‘Perspex Approved Fabricator’ is not just about the materials, it’s also about the commitment to sustainability as they are dedicated to minimising the environmental impact of their products and supporting a safe and sustainable world. We completely align with this vision and prioritise sustainability in every step of our process, which is why we are also a member of POPAI® and are working with their Sustain, Global eco-design indicator design tool!

In addition to our association to both Perspex and POPAI, we are proud members of the Made in Britain® organisation. By joining this esteemed group, we showcase our dedication to manufacturing to the very highest standards in Great Britain! The accreditation speaks volumes to buyers, clients, and consumers, assuring them of our unwavering commitment to quality and excellence.

So, next time you see a Perspex Approved Fabricator badge or Made in Britain logo, remember that it represents more than just a label – it also symbolises our dedication to delivering the very best. We take pride in being a part of these groups and believe in transparency, authenticity and delivering beyond expectations.

Let’s create exceptional displays together and leave a lasting impression. Reach out to 3WD, your trusted manufacturer, for all your bespoke fabrication needs.

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