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3 Way Displays

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Change is the key to growth and innovation. For 3WD, a significant transformation has taken place, as we proudly present our fresh identity and a sleek new website with a rebrand that perfectly reflects our commitment to excellence in the world of point-of-sale displays.

Chapter 1: A Legacy of Excellence

Founded in 2000 by Mark Stroud, 3WD quickly gained recognition for the quality of our made-to-order acrylic fabrication and retail displays. Over the years, the family business flourished, evolving into a team of 28 highly skilled professionals now led by Olivia Stroud. From designers and fabricators to machine and print managers, each member of the team contributes their expertise to create exceptional work.

Chapter 2: A New Vision

After two decades 3WD recognised the need for a fresh perspective. With her unrivalled level of knowledge and passion within the cosmetic, fragrance and fashion industries, Olivia has overseen our expansion into high-end markets. We now work closely with prominent players such as Charlotte Tilbury, Penhaligon’s and Space NK.

Chapter 3: Unveiling the Evolution

The objective was clear – attract professionals within the beauty and cosmetic industry seeking bespoke, innovative, and high-end quality displays. 3WD’s new brand identity, with its Dusty Pink and Emerald City colour variations, capture the essence of our passion and expertise, presenting a style that matches the refined taste of our target clientele. This is complemented by the unveiling of a new website that stands as a testament to the marvellous transformation we have undergone.

Chapter 4: Supporting Clients with Unique Expertise

Our rebranding evolution has allowed us to further enhance the way we support clients with defined services and solutions. With a renewed focus on the cosmetic industry, we are perfectly positioned to provide tailored, attention-grabbing displays that seamlessly partner with clients on their desired creations to deliver exceptional results.

The Sequel to 3WD…

The unveiling of the rebranding journey marks an exciting new chapter in 3WD’s evolution and growth. With the visionary leadership of Olivia we will continue to push the boundaries of excellence in point-of-sale display.

The 3WD story is only just beginning and we invite you to explore the website, discover our passion for perfection and experience how we can bring your brand vision to life. Follow us on LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook and join us on our transformative journey.


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