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3 Way Displays

by 3WD |

3WD is further strengthening its sales team with the appointment of Emma Smith as Sales Account Executive. This strategic addition to the team reflects 3WD’s commitment to driving excellence in the print and fabrication of high-end point of sale displays. 

Emma brings with her over a decade of experience working in both the beauty and motor industry, successfully increasing sales revenues, and enhancing customer satisfaction. Ready to accept the challenge of a new role, Emma will be responsible for developing new business leads and fostering strong relationships with our valued clients. 

Emma’s expertise and vision align perfectly with 3WD’s mission to further strengthen our presence within the high-end cosmetic, fragrance and fashion industry, for exceptional point of sale displays. 

“I am thrilled to be joining 3WD and working closely with our talented team to help leverage our combined strengths and further grow the business. It’s a job where there are endless opportunities which makes it extremely rewarding and exciting, and I can’t wait to see the difference we can make within our focus industries.” 

Emma admits to taking great pleasure in watching the journey of a client’s drawings and ideas be brought to life and seeing how happy clients are with the end result. Combine this with her exceptional sales skills and dedication, we are confident in Emma’s ability to help drive our team towards new heights and to see the positive impact she will have on our overall growth. 

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