Harrods Perfumery Hall main

Harrods Perfumery Hall

The brief

Working together since 2019, 3WD are the preferred supplier to solely manufacture the modular tabletop displays within Harrods’ stunning Perfumery Hall.


The result

In close partnership with the Harrods Management Team we were able to adapt new unit designs to provide a consecutive but sleek look throughout the Harrods Perfume Hall.

Working directly with 80+ luxury fragrance brands, we created an extensive catalogue of display unit options for each to choose from and help capture their individual brand identity.

The entire project resulted in excess of 100 units being fabricated using a mixture of materials, including aluminum, acrylic and LEDs, to help deliver and promote the very finest in fragrance.

We also work closely with Harrods to produce display units for their seasonal summer and Christmas sales campaigns each year.


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